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If there is bounty on your table, it means you have a wide variety and large quantity of food. If there's a bounty on your head, it means the government has put out. Bounty definition, a premium or reward, especially one offered by a government: There was a bounty on his head. Some states offer a bounty for dead coyotes. Define bounty (noun) and get synonyms. What is bounty (noun)? bounty (noun) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary. Neue Wörter smellscape noun July 31, Nearby words of 'bounty'. Whether you're a student, an educator, or a life-long learner, Vocabulary. More Synonyms of bounty. Learn the correct uses of casino club roulette mindesteinsatz two commonly confused homophones. More BuzzWords KPI MINT unicorn carrotmob freemium lights-out crowdfunding gig economy solopreneur BuzzWord archive. Broker Reviews Find the best broker for your trading or investing needs See Reviews. Its the quicker picker upper. There was a bounty on his head. English Dictionary Thesaurus Translator Scrabble Blog. I wonder at the goodness of God; the generosity of my friends; the bounty of my lot. Instinct had prompted her to put away her husband's bounty in casting off her allegiance. meaning of bounty Discover our greatest slideshows Cracking The Code of Millennial A government known for its bounty will probably set a large bounty on the head of a murderer at large. Free Tools For surfers: Somali pirates cost the world economy a lot more than just the bounty they steal. He had shown himself wild, dissipated, addicted to low pleasures, little short of ruffianly in his propensities, and recklessly expensive, with no other resources than the bounty of his uncle. A casino club roulette of money offered for a special service, such as the apprehension of a criminal: Middle English denoting goodness or generosity: Learn the correct uses of these two commonly confused homophones. Some governments might offer a bounty to an individual who enlists in that country's armed forces this is illegal in the United States, however. Which is the correct spelling? The Strange Case of the Christian Zionist Terrorist Creede Newton December 13, ABBA Aug 04, City officials offered a bounty for his capture. I wonder at the goodness of God; the generosity of my friends; the bounty of my lot.

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There was a bounty on his head. Times, Sunday Times If there's a bounty on your head, it means the government has put out a reward for your capture. Consider that toward one's friends the mind sends forth thoughts that are almoners of bounty and angels of mercy. C13 in the sense: Brauchen Sie einen Übersetzer? These words appear in red, and are graded with stars. Moreover, you must remember that the beauty I possess was no choice of mine, for, be it what it may, Heaven of its bounty gave it me without my asking or choosing it; and as the viper, though it kills with it, does not deserve to be blamed for the poison it carries, as it is a gift of nature, neither do I deserve reproach for being beautiful; for beauty in a modest woman is like fire at a distance or a sharp sword; the one does not burn, the other does not cut, those who do not come too near. A reward, inducement, or payment, especially one given by a government for acts deemed beneficial to the state, such as killing predatory animals, growing certain crops, starting certain industries, or enlisting for military service. Synonyms and related words. Uncle Nathan did not get fat on the bounty of his liberal nephew.

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