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Windows Phone users now have a new “how to” guide which helps you make the most out of your device. It acts as both a good beginners. So for those looking to break from the mold, here's a quick guide for Windows Phone noobs. And it starts with a quick history lesson. This guide has been created to not only help new users of Windows Phone get up to speed and learn the basics, but to also demonstrate how.

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Lumia - Windows Phone for beginners There is also a facility in Windows Phone to make your SIM card secure. Just what is going on with the Metro UI? Initially released for PDAs in as Pocket PC retroactively referred to as Windows Mobile Classic , the Windows Mobile name was introduced with the introduction of smartphones in and went through several releases, all of which featured a keyboard or stylus-driven user interface that owed a lot to the desktop Windows OS. Turn the Wi-Fi antenna on or off by tapping the toggle button. To turn Bluetooth on, simply tap the toggle; you can also turn Bluetooth off by tapping the toggle again. By tapping the name of the poster, meanwhile, you can see all of their recent updates, their profile details and any pictures computer bild spiele kostenlos download deutsch they have shared on any of the configured social networks. Add the following into the text field:. You can also Erase all content and Forget this phone if you want to start. When you turn this feature on, you will be able to share photos, videos, contacts, websites, and other media with another NFC-enabled phone simply by tapping the two devices. News Apple Computers Deals Google Internet Microsoft Mobile Photography Security Sci-Tech Tech Culture Tech Industry Photo Galleries Video Forums CNET Magazine. Bluetooth The Bluetooth setting is similar to the Wi-Fi setting. Another method is available; however, it is a lot more expensive and requires you to register your Windows Phone as a developer device. Although there is no way to change the wallpaper on your Windows Phone, it is possible for you to alter the lock screen on your phone, as well as the background displayed in the Pictures hub. Cellular Cellular network info This settings screen allows you to turn your cellular data connection on and off, as well as to adjust your roaming settings. You need to turn Bluetooth on if you want to connect a Bluetooth device, such as a headset or an external keyboard, to your phone. There are various ways you can deal with these. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. Bluetooth The Bluetooth setting is similar to the Wi-Fi setting. Integrated with the keyboard and available across different apps, copy and paste is matter of tapping a word, adjusting the size of the highlighted area by dragging the arrows and then tapping the Copy button that floats above the selection. This has two options: The Bluetooth setting is similar to the Wi-Fi setting. These tools can all be used to great effect in tracking down and hopefully retrieving your Windows Phone in one piece; failing this, you can at least ensure that the thief is left with nothing more than a brick.

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A tap of the arrow in the top-right corner will display a list of installed apps — in full colour! Choose how long your lock screen stays on before the screen times out. Under this menu, you can choose whether applications can use your location. Thanks to the Zune store and desktop client, users can download and synchronize music with their phones. Easily identified via ever-changing grid of profile pictures, the People Hub collects all of the data about your contacts from various social networks and indexes, allowing you to group them together under single profiles.

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